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She didn't grow at all. My fault... Update in original post

My DD gad her 1 year check up on Friday. She did not grow lengthwise at all from her 9 month appt and only gained 4 oz. We go back in a month for them to check her weight and lenght.

All I have heard all weekend is that since I am finally going to feed her real food she will grow like a weed. Did I do this to my baby? She is walking and trying to talk is very bright (figures things out on her own)... In other words does not seem delayed mentally. She has always had at least 1 poopy diap a day. I have started giving her solids now but I am going to feel like I wasn't doing what was best for my DD and like this is my fault if she happens to shoot up this month.

Any other Mama's little ones do this?

•••we went to the Dr today for our follow up weight check and DD gained half a pound and gre half an inch in a month!! Yeah!

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