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Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...


You did great, mama! My first DD was just like that. She was only 17 pounds at a year old. She was sooo petite, I always felt like a failure. But she just simply preferred mommy-milk to solids. She wasn't delayed whatsoever. In fact she was exceptionally bright (in the eyes of her mother )

Some babies are just small. Let me tell you: I weaned her shortly after her first B-day (I still regret it ) and everybody made a big fuss about how NOW she would start putting on weight and look like a "healthy" baby. It hurt my feelings, but I thought that maybe they were right. Unfortunately, that's not the way it worked. She continued to be incredibly picky about her foods. She never got to that chubby-baby point. She did eventually fill out a little, but she's still a petite little thing-- even at the age of 6. I realize now that she's just made that way.

I'm sure your DD is absolutely fine, and don't let anybody guilt-trip you into thinking otherwise. Your breast is always best. Your beautiful DD is a testament to that
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