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Montessori materials, etc...

All the old stuff is gone, but I'm going through stuff and found a couple new!

Montessori House DVD program. REALLY hard to find used. I think this company's materials are great, I'm just really going through our media and getting rid of what I can.

$8 ppd

Montessori Reading Program - vintage. includes cardboard sandpaper letters. $12 plus shipping - which I think will vary depending on where you are. SHouldn't be too much, though. It's not too heavy. This is a REALLY good way to start with some montessori type materials without having to pay $200... that's what I used it for. Has sandpaper letters, a booklet, red and blue word cards. And a record, that's right, a vinyl record.
This is a really awesome little program. I haven't found anything like it. I loved it, but my son's just not into it. I think the whole thing is complete with the exception of the movable alphabet. I haven't gone through it all again to check the whole alphabet. But it's SOOOO worth the value. Ahk, I'm torn selling it...

Also have Leappad plus Microphone
Also have The World of Pooh (without dustjacket)
open to offers on the above, I have no idea how much. Maybe $5 plus shipping for the leappad (scratched on outside, haven't tested it) and $4 plus shipp for the pooh?

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