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Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?

this is off my memory ( not so good these days )

about 2 dozen preemie prefolds
about 2-3 dozen infant prefolds ( mostly LL and GMD)
about 10 misc fitteds NB/Sm sized
about 5 misc fitteds sm sized
1 NB teeny tiny cloth thoughts pocket diaper
5 fleece or interlock wook soakers
2NB or small ( i forget ) thirsties covers

and i know im forgetting something..

still longing for some SUPER CUTE/BOYISH shorties and nothing in this stash is white anymore..i went dye crazy..

and in the next month ( once i pay off my out of pocket ins, costs to OB ) i will be scouring DS for , SM peewells,mutts and anything else super cute
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