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Re: Sneaking food... WWYD

I have issues with the idea of "bad" food vs "good" food. I grew up with extremely dysfunctional eating habits and I am 100% committed to creating a different lifestyle for my kids. Personally, we choose not to have snack foods in the house for the most part for this specific reason. We *do* set limits with our kids and have from when they were young, such as if you are hungry and it is not meal time you may have a piece of fresh fruit or veggies. If you are still hungry, you can ask mom or dad what else there is to eat.

We teach them about what foods are healthy and what are not. We don't do forbidden foods, because I feel it teaches them bad habits. We encourage them to eat healthy items that they enjoy and model good eating for them. I think food should be enjoyed and that it is totally okay to have some snacky treats on occasion. I wouldn't blame a couple of hungry 4 year olds for eating what they knew how to get for themselves if they were unsupervised. Really I think the blame is on your DH not them.
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