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Re: What should I do?

Originally Posted by Katherine View Post
Wow - we do have different opinions. As a teacher, if something is causing a distraction or disruption, I have no choice but to remove it or do my best to minimize it in the room. Teachers have to make minute-by-minute decisions to promote the best environment for every kid. I can call the kid up and make a "teachable moment" of it later, but sometimes there isn't time to do that for each little thing that happens in the course of a day. We don't know how many times the teacher tried to right the situation before she took the tree away. And yes, it does sadden me that teachers can't take all the time necessary to deal with all those little things, because, in a perfect world, they should. I think, ideally, classes shouldn't be any bigger than 12 or so. I'm glad you will be able to homeschool and I hope it works out for you - I think small groups and one-on-one instruction is best for kids.

I was just saying - give the teacher a chance to put forth her viewpoint and don't go at her all mad and hot. And FWIW, we don't know all the specifics of the situation, who was doing what, and who even paid for the tree. For all we know, the trees were donated to the school. I'm also saying - kids don't always tell the whole story when they talk about why they got into trouble at school. I know I didn't.
I agree I am very angry but I will not go in there and act like a child to a teacher..I don't think that is appropriate and feel that I can control my feelings and I know my son was probably playing with it. He of course is not saying he did. At the same time she gave them their tree at the end of the day during the time they are about to leave. If she had to take it that is fine. She is well aware that I am a SAHM and she has a phone in her class. I felt like a short I don't have time to get into it but if you want your son to participate in the county wide plant a tree program you need to come pick up his tree in the office he was horseplaying. He is the only kid it was taken from. But you are right in public school there is no time anymore to dilly dally on things. I just hope she has it and we can participate, we are still new to the community.
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