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girls 12-24mo very cheap!!!

**More clothes in 3-18mo available in separate listing at Can ship together** All clothes come from a non-smoking, cat friendly home, and have been moved from place to place in the house since being outgrown, as with all used clothing, I recommend washing when you get them, mostly just to remove lint or whatever else they happened to pick up along their adventure. I've done my very best to note every abnormality on these and to be honest about their condition, however, I am human and have done this after bedtime by incandescent lighting... you get the point. I'm selling so cheap that I'm trying to do this quickly with not too many hours invested, so I've tried to picture everything in as few pictures as I could but still show everything fairly decently. If you'd like a picture of anything in particular, please ask! If a price is not noted, it is $1, and buyer pays actual shipping from 24138. Buy 15 items or more and take 10% off your total, buy 25 items or more and take 15% off. Buy out the remaining listing and take 25% off. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. It is not my intention to misrepresent anything here!

Please PM me with a list of numbers of items you would like to buy and a zip code for shipping, I will establish a shipping cost for you, and will ship after payment is received through paypal. Items that are sold will be grayed out and have " SOLD" noted. Thanks!

41. 12mo Carter’s Outerwear insulated bib overalls, pink, elastic inside lower leg to keep snow/cold out. Plastic attachment at left shoulder is broken off, could be replaced or sewn, otherwise these are in great condition with no stains $3
42. 12mo Carter’s fleece pants, white with purple bow, color is dingy overall with a few light spots (whose idea was it to make white pants for a 12 month old? LOL) These pants aren’t the prettiest thing, but they are comfortable and warm, they were great alone or over leggings for playing outside in the cold!
43. 18mo Child of Mine bubble suit, pink with heart/flower dots all over, big heart/flower and “love” at left hip, dingy discoloration at center of neckline, few small stains on front
44. 18mo Child of Mine sleeveless onesie, pink with “Lady Bug”/flower on front, ruffle cap sleeves, small faint stains above and below decoration 50
45. 18mo Circo tank top onesie, dark pink with strawberries at straps, few stains on front, couple tiny stains on back 50
46. 18mo Carter’s dress with matching bloomers, pink plaid with decoration at chest/waist, fold down collar, ties behind back. Discoloration on collar
47. 18mo Faded Glory sweatsuit set, pink zippered hoodie with matching pants, stain at left knee and several similar ones on left backside (fairly light, but easily noticeable)
SOLD48. 18mo Carter’s footed sleeper, pink with hearts/ponies, fleecy fabric is pilly, has something at right shoulder that looks like maybe it had a sticker washed on it? Faint stains on front
SOLD49. 18mo Carter’s footed sleeper, blue with sheep/start, fabric is textured throughout, very faint stain at left hip

50. 18mo Carter’s footed sleeper, light blue with kitties in pj’s,

51. 18mo Nick Jr Dora jacket, purple with embroidery at chest, zipper front, cuffs are a little pilly from wear, very faint stain on sleeve near right armpit $3
52. 12-18mo Old Navy swimsuit, blue with flowers, crisscrosses in back, small ruffle at neck, Very cute and Very nice fit, white flowers are a little dingy, especially around crotch/seat area
53. 18mo OkieDokie set, green short sleeve shirt with ladybug on flower embroidered, blue double ruffle skirt with bloomers inside, light staining on front of shirt
54. 18mo Nickelodeon footed sleeper, yellow fleecy textured fabric with Dora and “gymnast dora” embroidered at chest, dingy at knees, I’d say there was light pilling in places, but it’s hard to describe it when the whole thing is textured! ☺
55. 18mo Okie Dokie sweatshirt, pink with flower at chest, very soft and comfy, small purple spot on back
56. 18mo Faded Glory overalls, denim with embroidered pink and yellow roses, ruffle at pocket and ends of legs
57. 18mo OshKosh denim shorts overalls
58. 18mo Faded Glory short sleeve onesie, purple/blue/white stripes, soft and stretchy fabric 50
59. 18mo Faded Glory short sleeve onesie, white/purple flowers, elastic at sleeves is not as snug as in #90, yellowing around left leg opening 50
60. 18mo Tickle Me jammies, blue with faries/clouds/castles, short sleeve top with matching shorts. Faint pink stain on belly of shirt
61. 18-24mo Old Navy shorts overalls, light khaki/cream colored with stripes and flower at chest, flower stitched at right hip. Few faint stains mostly around left leg, some on pocket at chest. Really soft/flexible fabric, does not open at crotch

62. Fruit of the Loom T-shirt, tag says “2/4,” white with smiley face and”I am a BIG sister,” washed but never worn
63. 3T Miniwear long sleeve shirt, “Big Sister” on front. Few small gray smudges on belly area
64. 24mo Gerber short sleeve onesie, pink with tiny flowers 50
65. 24mo Gerber short sleeve onesie, white with kitties etc and verses 50
66. 24mo Gerber short sleeve onesie, pink with embroidered kitty at chest, residue from a piece of tape left behind at back of left hip 50
67. 24mo Gerber short sleeve onesie, pink/yellow/white/green stripes 50
68. 24 mo Gerber short sleeve onesie, purple with stitched flowers at chest 50
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