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Re: As property owners, can we be held liable?

Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
We had no knowledge of the dog being loose or vicious, and according to the man who came by, the renter has already "gotten rid of it."

He definitely doesn't carry renters insurance. I doubt that place could even be insured again after the damage they have done. :/
They can come after, they may or may not be successful though. With no knowledge of the dog being there you may be ok- depends on your state laws. I didn't ask that question to our atty. We found out when the ins company did a drive by the buyers had a unfenced pool. Our atty said we could be liable for any neighbor kid drownings just because my name was on the deed didn't matter if we knew or not, but I don't know if would have been the same for a dog. So we talked to the buyers and they agreed to fence it. I would evict them, they are just going to keep causing you problems.
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