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Re: Placenta encapsulation

Originally Posted by xoxoproverbs31 View Post
Hey mommas! I've always been grossed out by the idea of ingesting the life giving organ but I am kind of intrigued by it now. I have done some research and have a bunch of friends who have done it and am now in the process of looking at the side effects. I guess I'm just wondering what experiences the ladies on here have had good and bad.
I do have questions regarding sanitation and state laws since its not FDA approved and OSHA doesn't technically have specific guidelines for it. So because of this, How do these certification "businesses" create the rules and regulations for their licensure programs if its not government approved or recommended and how are they reviewed to make sure everything is up to date/proper. I'm obviously just concerned because it could be a cross contamination issue because the same equipment is used for the process of encapsulation for multiple women. Any resources and personal knowledge from someone who is certified would be grand!
I'm a placenta encapsulation professional, I am not certified, and have been doing it for almost 4 years now. I am self taught (by doing my own and practice placents I got from friends).

I can't speak on behalf of the FDA, so I don't know why it isn't approved or what we as professionals would have to do to make it so. Many things are not FDA approved and people do them on a daily basis (even Doctors, cytotec is an induction medication that is not FDA approved for inductions).

As to OSHA, there are standards for cleaning of blood born pathogens. Which is something that I as a professional make sure I follow. Other professionals that I know, including myself, make sure we have very little tools we need to re-use. And that the ones we do re-use we make sure we follow OSHA guidlines in cleaning and sterilization. All the tools that I reuse, which is only the coffee grinder which comes a part so I can sterilize (sp), the dehydration racks and the cutting board. But all of that can be taken a part to be put in a sterilizer, plus cleaning with bleach, hot soapy water, etc. There is a big process in cleaning and that is actually what takes most of the time.

If you're not comfortable with a professional you can do it yourself and it's very easy. Lots of tutorials online in how to do it.

As for personal experince. I did my placenta with ds2. I had PPD with ds1. The recovery, physically, emotionally, mentally, was the opposite with ds2 and I believe part of that has to do with encapsulation (I believe another part of it was having a homebirth and not birthing flat on my back). I had a good milk supply, no baby blues or PPD, lots of energy, no insomnia, etc. I personally recommend it no matter if you do it yourself or not.
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