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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I EBF all my first till 10 months, 2nd till 7 months (only quit b/c I got pregnant) and am currently at 4 months this time. With my 1st he started cereal and prunes at 3 weeks.... I know that sounds horrible but was sleeping all the way through the night from the point we brought him home from the hospital. Finally after 3 weeks I gave up on trying to wake him at night b/c he would nurse 2 minutes tops and go back out. So we started giving him a small (1 tablespoon) mixture of cereal and prunes after his bedtime nursing. I wanted to make sure his poor little belly was staying full over night. Our daughter we started a couple days before she was 4 months and she did great as well. Right now our youngest is 4 months and a week and we are contemplating starting him on some cereal. Or atleast giving him a little in his bottle to get his tummy used to it at first. None of ours have had any allergies or problems whatsoever. So I personally believe it just depends on your baby.. And they will show you if they are ready or not.
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