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Re: Placenta encapsulation

DH encapsulated my placenta for me. It was such a gift to have him to do it for me. He said he just viewed it as any other organ we would eat, not that we eat lots of organs, but many are delicacies - tongue, heart, etc. My mom was kind of grossed out, but she just stayed out of the kitchen.

I wanted it encapsulated because I have a history of depression. Past a couple random days of baby blues - after my milk came in and again after our moms left and DH was back at work - I never suffered PPD. I had an excellent milk supply (and had to sleep on waterproof pads under my boobs because I kept waking up soaked!). It was cathartic for me too because I had a retained placenta. After the excruciating pain to get the darn thing removed, I was happy I got to see what caused me so much trouble and put it to good use. I only wish we were able to get more of it. They could only salvage about 1/3.

We will do it again with our next baby for sure.
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