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Re: what could this be?

I'd also look into getting your gait assessed and shoes. Before running 1/2 marathons & training for fulls I used to just grab whatever shoes and hit the road Once I got to 5-6 miles daily I had horrible shin splints and pain in one knee. I went on to compression leg sleeves, but they just helped relive the pain and didn't solve the problem. I then had my gait re assessed (it had been years) and changed shoes. I trained for a better midfoot strike and the shin splints stopped. I still run in my compression socks as they help with my leg cramps before & after my runs. I find that if my calves hurt, my shins are sure to hurt too. I also love my foam rollers & sticks to help massage any stiffness out. A shoe rotation also helps me relive soreness by staying fresh in shoes with a different feel.
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