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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (April)

cute pictures!

welcome silas. wonderful birth story.

im here at 9w3d...feeling ok. my nausea seems to be lessening more and more and i just get really tired throughout the day...cant get the hb by doppler yet and im trying not to let it get to me, but i know that it always grumpy after i sit there for 20m hearing nothing but the sound of my own heart. i know it's early, but blah.

my first mw appt is on tuesday and im wondering if i shouldn't postpone it til i know i'll be able to hear a hb via doppler. im so scared to start paying for a home birth and then have something bad happen. i dont ever recall being this worried about m/c for this long...

hubs and i have told a few more people individually...i got to tell the midwife that was at our twins' birth at the pregnancy awareness event last weekend, and hubs told some friends the other night at his birthday party...cuz he was drunk. haha.

i wish i just knew everything was ok so i could relax.
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