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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

We buy for a mix of people. On dh's side, we just give gifts to kids (a mutual decision by all... 8 kids), on my side we buy gifts for kids (11 kids) and then do a name draw (so two adults). I make a lot of presents for nieces and nephews and friends' kids. For some family friends, I'll make a movie night box (with a $5 family dvd and some homemade goodies and cocoa mix) or a family game (don't break the ice or something like that... I'll order on Black Friday so they are around $5 per so very reasonable) or buy $1 activity books from JoAnns for the kids and then burn Christmas cds for the adults. For neighbors and my oldest son's specialists, I'll make home-baked goods and take them to them (cookies or bread and jam or cinnamon rolls, etc).

So it's a hodge-podge of homemade gifts and store-bought. I do not go over $6 per gift for outside family though! I can even find magazine subscriptions for friends for $4 a year (that with a nail polish or chocolate is nice). Even for nieces and nephews I don't go over $10 (usually I spend around 5.00 because I'll make their gift).

I typically don't feel guilty about it... it's the thought and spirit of giving.
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