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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

yes. I have a love-hate relationship with buying for all the people on our list. I actually enjoy thinking up personalized gifts for my family and my kids, etc. But then DH comes from an enormous family and you never know if you'll see them at Christmas or not until the day before, so I'm scrambling to make sure at least the kids get something. I want more than anything to put the burden of buying for DH's family ON DH, but he'd go spend a couple hundred bucks on stupid stuff, so I do it grudgingly. How's that for Christmas spirit?

There are a few people I would LOVE to stop receiving gifts from, if you know what I mean. LOL!

Our list includes our 3 kids, my mom and dad, my sister's family of 4, a cousin and her kid, 3 grandmas, my boss, daycare, one teacher, and at LEAST 4 nieces and nephews on DH's side, sometimes more. it doesn't seem like much when I write it like that. But it's a ton of work to get it all together in the end.
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