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Re: Weird experience at walmart - no you can't hold my baby

Once, Dh and I were out to eat when caitlyn was about 5 mos old. She was squirming and we just got our food. It was one of those times where we had to trade her off to one another to get a bite to eat! An older lady (about 60) and her friend were at a near-by table asked if they could help and just hold her for a couple minutes while we ate. I hesitated for a moment and DH looked like a deer in headlights, but I said, "why not, I'm hungry!" and gave her over to the lady (she was tickled pink BTW) and they just cooed and talked to her the whole time. Caitlyn loved it, and we got to eat!

BTW I would never "leave" my kids with a complete stranger to go somewhere (at least i can't think of any instance that i would).
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