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Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(

Originally Posted by ahblessedmama View Post
Thanks ladies! So only water, and probably neocate. The Drs office doesn't have samples but it sounds like it's worth a try. I just saw the other mama's post that it didn't even help, so don't want to go through all that if it won't. I actually use arrowroot powder at every change, it helps so much to not get rashes from the pee. I also have some very expensive probiotic drops, but haven't been doing them lately, I'll get on that! I didn't think culturelle could go into the bottle, but mine are warm so maybe that's why. It's crazy to have all these problems (and I have them breastfeeding too) and all my friends don't have a clue, diapering/baby care seems so easy! It must be hard to be my baby, poor little guy. Thanks again for all the help.
Arrowroot is void of any proteins, so it's probably good. I would make sure that it's pure arrowroot though and not mixed with anything else (like potato starch) that might be causing additional issues. It sounds like you are dealing with milk protein issues and kids with milk protein issues often have other food protein issues. Our kiddo with these issues reacts to almost everything, except Aquafor (sp?) and Vaniply/Vanicream. She was allergic to rice even.

Originally Posted by ahblessedmama View Post
I looked up Neocate/Elecare, and saw lots of posts that Neocate is very constipating, is that true? One thing or another, isn't it?
DD has been on Elecare for over two years and she has never been constipated. At almost 3, she's finally pulling together some solid stools. I wouldn't worry about constipation. That can be fixed with some Miralax. You've got bigger issues at this point. Did you know there is a stool scale?
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