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Re: homeschool to private or public??

Originally Posted by lehcar_27 View Post
i personally would disregard what your family is telling you....pray about what God would have you do.....please remember your children are VERY is okay to not have lots of is okay if they are learning from LIFE not a book....cook with them, read with them, swim with them, ride bikes together, go to the park, count rocks, trees, animals, or whatever else you find games together.....spend time together having fun dont stress so much about 'school'
This. Although, if you are feeling overwhelmed with kindergarten then the problem probably isn't schoolwork at all. Taking care of any number of small children while dealing with depression is difficult so I would find a way to fix that first. I am not opposed to medication for PPD or even generalized depression, if your life and the life of your children is being affected by it then get help. And if you really want to keep them home then do, don't listen to negative family.
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