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Re: Spotting should I go in?

That's really up to you. When I have spotted or started bleeding in early pregnancy, I didn't go in, but that's just me. There is nothing they can do, and I didn't feel that I needed medical assistance. I have to say, though, that when I had my m/c at almost 11 weeks I had dh home with me and he literally stayed up all night and checked my blood pressure and heart rate to make sure that we didn't need to call an ambulance. And everything was fine. But I think if I didn't have a medical professional in the home I would have gone to the ER because I bled very heavily towards the end.

Do you want to know if everything is OK or not? Those are valid reasons to go in. During one of my m/c I went in because I just felt that something was off, and I had lost the baby. But then when I got pregnant right after that and had a m/c at 5.5 weeks, I just stayed home. and then with another pregnancy I had brown spotting, and thought, well, here we go again. And everything was fine and she's (probably) asleep upstairs now. There's a good chance she is reading instead.

So, you are the only one to make that decision. I hope everything is fine.
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