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Re: Child Support Plus Extras

Oh yes, I am willing to help out, but not on a moments (literally) notice, and what I can afford/what I think is reasonable. Even if I was a millionaire, I'm not the type to "waste" money, and if I can find a better deal second hand or on clearance, etc then so be it. If I can't, then I at least need to use a coupon or sale LOL. My motto is "never pay full price". I pretty strongly stick to this, and it rubs off on other people. People are always amazed at my money saving and money making skills, but it's because I do things like this, kwim? If I just bought multiples of everything, full price, always, then that wouldn't be feasible, fiscally responsible, or even environmentally responsible. Shoot, I refuse to buy paper towels, simply because that money is literally thrown away. I work hard to support my family, and want the best uses for my money. Hope that makes sense! I'm not a scrooge or anything lol
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