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Originally Posted by emkeegan
We are in the process. DS is like 99% pee trained and 0% poop trained. I can bring him out in public in underwear & he does great, he wears underwear at naptime, wakes up dry. He even wakes up dry overnight, but always has a big pee 1st thing in the morning. I guess I should just do underwear overnight too, I just need to do it. But he will poop whenever he has to. Doesn't matter if he is wearing a diaper, underwear, nothing... And I can tell he has to go, and ask him if he needs the potty, but he will say no!

Any advice? He is 25 months, healthy and regular. Most of the stuff I find about poop and training has to do with holding it in, which he isn't doing.
When my kids would do this I would take them to the potty anyway. I KNOW what they're doing so I take them and put them on. I've always felt like this helped get over that physical difference of sitting to poop. It's just not "natural" to think that sitting is going to make it easier to poop.

Also, just a small thing, I would tell them, "you need to go poop," instead of asking. This way they wouldn't lie to me but feel comfortable telling the truth. But that's probably just me.

Good job being attentive and noticing. That's my biggest problem. I just can't watch them every second for clues.
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