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Re: Potty Training/Learning

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Im pretty much confused with dd, 22m. She tried to chsnge her own poop dipe,, constsntly goes diaperless, sits on the big potty by herself all the time, but has NOT acyually gone in the potty. Gah. Pees and poops all over the house!! Idk what to do next.
Have you tried treats? A candy or something (small!) for going on the potty? It means you have to "wean" them of it after they get the hang of things, but you could do that by having a sticker chart working to earn a toy or something like that.

If she's not recognizing when she needs to go, she may just not be ready for pottying yet. If she is recognizing, but choosing not to use the toilet, then it's a whole different matter (ie. what our DD was doing!). I don't think this sounds like what your DD is doing, though. With DD it was definite that she wanted control and was peeing/pooping in the house, on various thing, because she wanted to show us she was mad.
Do you have her help clean up the messes she makes? Does that bother her? We did this with DD and she hated it - but, hey, you make that mess on purpose, you help clean it up!
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