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Originally Posted by MamaBarton
we had a five pound baby at our wedding she was 3 months old but was a 28weeker. and let me tell you i found out she was on her way about 1 minute before i walked down the aisle and i started balling! we could not have been happier that she was there! we had several children at our wedding and wouldnt have had it any other way! i just dont understand how someone could do that to a mother, especially one that traveled to a destination wedding to be there! i would have taken my baby and left, no matter who it was!!!!! i hope she stuck up for herself! ugh people are irritating lol
I feel the same! I was a little disappointed that there were only a handful of kids besides mine at my wedding! Of all the wedding pictures my favorite are of our first dance when my stepson joined us, and a picture of my boys playing in the middle of the dance floor together. We purposely had a casual barbeque style wedding at a campground so that it was more kid friendly.
Maybe if we hadn't had kids yet my mind set would have been different though.

12 weeks! This is hopefully the last week that I feel like an invalid! I'm starting to go stir crazy being stuck in the house, but I'm too nauseous to go anywhere.
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