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I was just thinking abt this the other day and was feeling a bit panicky with all I have left lol. We still need the crib and furniture which we are going tomorrow to talk to the boutique owner bc supposedly she's going to make us a deal for the labor day sale. It's not a cheap set so we're thankful she does layaway while it's on order. Last time she told us it took 10-15 weeks to order in so I'm hoping it doesnt take that long bc I'm sewing all the bedding! So that's the big thing that's hanging over my head.

The other things: finish sewing up cloth wipes, make a few burp cloths (never used them with the boys), make a girly cover for my BF pillow (it has an ugly blue print), make a car seat cover(for over the top and MAYBE one for the inner lining but It will be safe the way I'm doing it ;-), sew up a few more specialty outfits (at least 1 smocked dress), make lots of hair bows, make a diaper bag, make a hospital gown with matching baby layette gown, buy a swing (just sold the one we used with DS2) and either try to Knit a couple hats or buy them (for photo props). I'm kind of doubting I'll have the time to make them with my long list of things :-/
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