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Re: what to do when baby favors one side?

Originally Posted by jensenlife View Post
yay!!!!!!!! she gained 8oz this week!!!! just got back from the peds and she went from 6lbs 8oz to 7lbs!!!! i am so relieved. so i guess i just have a lot of milk because she really is done after only like 5 minutes! her side issues are evening out its just weird because sometimes its like 20 minutes until she finally latches on and sometimes its right away. sometimes after struggling with the lass loved side for 10-20 minutes, just when im about to give up, she i think hummmm, that must have been the problem and then she will latch on...guess one can't poop and eat at the same time
thanks so much for your help and advice. it has really helped me through this first any suggestions about what to do with a needy 1 1/2 year old while nursing

mine are 15 months apart - something in a glass or sippy for my oldest and a pile of books and all of us on the couch - that way both babies were drinking something and both were cuddled up - thanks to God that your second doesnt need to spend a lot of time eating and that she is gaining well
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