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Re: nursing pads for sore nipples?

I was just gonna post that I my Luxe nursing pads! I have 2 pairs! Raw silk and wool and a cashmere pair. She says they're not good for heavy leakers and I'm not heavy so I love 'em. The cashmere are sooooooo soft (although I didn't use them in the early sore time) and I used the raw silk/wool when I had thrush and my nipples were dry, sore and itchy (TMI). I HIGHLY recommend these nursing pads and they are the most discreet I have ever tried. I'm just finishing up my 2nd year of BFing so I've tried MANY kinds! Buy some Luxe nursing pads! I'll be giving them as presents to any nursing moms I know - that and a Milkband!

ETA: I handwash just cuz it's quite easy but you can machine wash the cashmere IIRC.
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