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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

You mean to tell me, I can wash my fuzzibunz on HOT and I don't have to separate them from the rest of my diapers? Really? Because I'm using a commercial washer and dryer and seriously, that would make my day. I use all Free and Clear normally and I'm always worried over how much to detergent to use, this would make life SO much easier! And it does make sense to use more and to use as much as you would for regular laundry, DUH! And all of my diapers are second hand for the most part (and the stuff I did buy new I can't return anyway) and would all be stuff I would be selling second hand or giving away so I'm not worried about warranties or anything.

Wow, why did I not think of this? I was worried enough because I can't use the Charlie's (because you can't use the cloth diaper safe stuff in washers that are used by other people, you're only supposed to use those kinds of detergents if no other detergent is used in the washer).
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