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I have everything you need to continue to cloth train/diaper into the late toddler months! Make me an offer... I'd love for someone to take it all. Will try to get photos posted of it all soon, but happy to e-mail you photos of anything in the meantime. It's all gender neutral and in VGUC.

This is my bullet-proof night time system for older toddlers who are still wetting heavily at night:

Disana Wool Soaker (berry color, XL, fits 25-35 lbs)
Happy Hempy Pocket Fitteds w/ Fleece Inners (XL, fits 25-35 lbs, I have 3 of these)
Superdo Hemp/Cotton/Microfiber Inserts (Large, I have 4 of these)

We only used trainers during nap (and later, at night). All of these are stuff-able, so absorbency can be tailored to meet your toddler's needs.

Happy Heiny's Trainers (Small, fits 25-35 lbs, snaps; these work great for night stuffed w/ the Superdos above. I have 3 of these)

Tinkle Time Trainers (Small, fits 25-35 lbs, work better for nap w/ the inserts listed below. I have 2 of these)

Hemp Babies Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts (these are an excellent all-purpose booster. I have 5)

Punkin' Butts Hemp/Cotton Inserts (super absorbent, work great in trainers; I have 3 of these)

Superdo Hemp/Cotton/Microfiber Inserts (listed above; these things absorb like crazy; I have 3 size L)

XL Kooshies Pocket Fitted (great for night; take it for free)

7th Heaven Babies Wool Fitted Cover w/ snaps (Large, fits 20-35 lbs; loved this for naps)

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