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Re: Lightheaded, dizzy, blacking out and exhausted to the max...should I call OB?

Thanks everyone!! I think some of it yesterday was dehydration...I ate probably 1/2 a watermelon and felt a ton better. Water tastes gross to me so it's hard to drink anything much...I don't drink anything else normally. I'm almost certain it's anemia. I am grabbing some iron pills today. I called the OB this morning and she's going to call me back.

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I take floridex as my iron is always low and it brings it up every time w/o any nasty side effect iron has. also are you drinking enough?? and how is your blood pressure?
def. start taking some iron now and eat foods high in iron. bring it up with ob when you have appt.
Probably not drinking enough, no. I can only drink gatorade without feeling "bleh" and I'm not big on anything but water which I can't drink right now anyway so I think I need more to drink I'm not sure what to do about that though. I'm not keeping anything but gatorade down well. My BP was slightly high the last time I was at the OB to confirm pregnancy but that was after fighting with my sister trying to get her to listen to me (she lives with moving out in a week, and is a teen...very stubborn), my Ds was bouncing off the walls and I was trying to get him ready and had to meet my mom (who I avoid 99.9% of the time because she's nuts) before the appt. SO, I feel it was high because of all of that. I hardly ever see mom, Ds is usually a good toddler but was downright aggrivating that day and my sis was being immature and aggrivating. I have noticed though if I have a stressful moment/day I feel my BP rising and I can't hear my heart beating in my ears at times so that's another thing I'm going to have them check. I've never had issues with BP so I'm a tad worried about that.

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