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Re: Lightheaded, dizzy, blacking out and exhausted to the max...should I call OB?

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
If you can only drink Gatorade than drink it, even if its more than you'd like to intake in a day. You need to stay hydrated! Maybe have enough watermelon around for a daily feast as well.

I have been craving fruit and juice -- it's a weird think to crave with an upset stomach. Also milk and yogurt. But I eat it and it makes me feel better. BTW I know nothing of anemia...
Thanks! The OB wants to see me tomorrow. I've been living on chicken noodle soup, watermelon and gatorade. I found yesterday that coke is ok. I hate it normally but I had a coke icee twice yesterday and felt fine so I'm going to get a bottle of coke when hubbs and I go to town tonight. lol. I craved fruit and salads when I was preggo with my Ds but had such an upset stomach at even the slightest thought of eating anything else. lol
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