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Re: "but HOW did daddy put the baby in your tummy?"

my dd is just shy of 5 and surprisingly that's one of the few questions she hasn't asked. i've tried to figure out what i'll tell her when she finally does because i don't want to be caught off guard. i think first i would ask how he thinks daddy gets the baby in there. i find that sometimes that's the safest way to guage what info my dd already has and kind of get to the bottom of what she's really asking so that i don't give her more info than she was looking for. i can also correct misinformation that way too. (and of course it gives me a few minutes of stall time to formulate an answer, lol). i *think* that at this point, my dd would be satisfied with the explanation of mommies and daddies sharing a special sort of snuggle that helps a baby start growing in the mama's uterus. if she wantde more info though, i don't think i'd have any issue with explaining the whole penis has seeds and mama has eggs thing. she was asking something at one of my last prenatal appts, don't remember exactly what now, ad i had explained that all girls have eggs in their bodies that can someday be babies. her response was "'re disgusting" , so i'm thinking she's not there yet . i did make sur eto explain to her that there is nothing disgusting at all about babies growing from eggs.
depending on whether you want to go the more religious route, you could explain that God helps the egg and seed grow into a baby. while we were ttc #2, we went thru 2ndary infertility as well as recurrent losses, and dd kept asking for a baby brother or sister. (she wasn't aware of what we were going thru to get one, just decided it was the right time for her). we sat her down and explained it as that God was looking for the right baby for our family...also helped when said baby was NOT in fact the sister she so desired, but a brother instead
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