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Originally Posted by PurpleDaffodil
My doctor told me all babies need extra vitamin D and specifically breastfed babies do. At the pharmacy they simply gave us a liquid multivitamin and Lo refuses to take it, he gags and spits up and cries. I stopped giving it to him and asked a few friends of mine. None of them have been told this and all of them breastfeed (one even has a preemie).

Is it that big of a deal that I don't give it to him? Surely it can't be that important if 5 other friends doctors never told them anything.
My LO was rx'ed vit d drops. We've been doing them for 2 yrs and she gets reg milk now. She loves them. I tasted it - kind of peach syrup. I don't know if they're rx only in OR or if the OTC kind are different.

I think it's a newer recommendation.

I was told they're beneficial for long term bone growth/calcium depositing. That being said I forget to give them to her all the time and she is certainly growing and hasn't shown signs of rickets
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