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Re: Anyone ever lived/worked in Dubai?

Just found the thread.May be a bit too late for you and you already made up your mind?Anyway here are my thoughts.I lived in Dubai for 8 years.It is not a bad place to be at,but not the greatest either.It really depends on your family lifestyle.If you are after nature,fresh air,camping,etc-stay away from it.If you are more on the entertaining side(shopping,going out),go for it.Again,you have to consider if you are going to keep your baby at home with you or are you planning to work yourself,so there is a question of childcare.It is a great experience and if you already moved a lot,you'll see that Dubai is very different from the rest of the world.I keep asking myself if I would want to go back and live there now,having a baby(DD is 8 months old).I cannot give a straight answer.There are days when I think I would go if the situation is really bad and my DH loses his job(he works for GM).But when I take my baby for a walk on the trail,we stop to listen to the water in the creek,we pick the flowers,she grabs the handful of dried leaves or fresh green grass-then I say NO,I don't want my girl to miss these beautiful things,I don't want her to play with artificial snow,breath the AC air almost all year round and looking at "man-made wonders" instead of Mother Nature's masterpieces.Hope my review helped you somehow(or did it make the choice more difficult? ).In case you need more info,you can PM me,I'll share more thoughts with you.Best wishes to your family,hope your husband will find a job with easier choices
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