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BEWARE OF VENT!! I am super hormonal today. Haven't slept well in a while. My boys wake often, especially my youngest whose allergies are waking him up with drainage and coughing

My dog just brought me my favorite surprise...a bloody disposable pad. I am the only person in the house that likes this dog, and today I am annoyed by him. Stop licking me, Jarvis!!!! Especially after chewing on a bloody pad!

Mad that nobody cleans up after themselves. That the upstairs bathroom is covered in my sister's hair and the smell of menstrual blood. Aggravated that she didn't clean up after herself AGAIN! (we are trying to sell our house, so it isn't optional). Cranky that the dog keeps chewing on things inside, but escapes if I put him in the back yard. Exhausted from the little demanding tornadoes that keep destroying every room after I clean it. Gripe, gripe, gripe.

Ok. Feel a bit better now.

Just tired and cranky!
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