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Re: Tell me about kids sharing a room

I love having my girls share a room- they are 4 and 1. Depending on who goes to bed first, sometimes we read a book in their room (if YDD is up later) or sometimes we read a book in DS's room (the nights that we get everyone down on time) then ODD will go in to bed. There are nights or early mornings when YDD fusses in her crib, and ODD will sing to her, and they both settle down and go back to sleep.
We are currently staying at my parents house (we are having our floors worked on) and ODD and DS are sleeping in one room in twin beds. DS is 2. I would have no problem putting them both in the same room- I think the newness would wear off pretty wuick, but ODD has bunk beds and DS is a daredevil, and I really don't want to wake up to a kid jumping off of the top bunk.
I actually think my kids sleep better when they share a room, and would love to have another baby to share with DS so he is not alone (obviously, this is not the only reason that I would like another baby!)
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