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Originally Posted by sahmofthree
Sorry ladies, I've been super MIA. Caught strep throat and have a double ear infection so I've been home all week super sick, barely able to eat anything because the pain in my throat is ridiculous. Getting my tonsils out didn't hurt this bad!! So I missed weigh in last week, so this loss is over 2 weeks but mainly just due to being sick and not eating so I fully expect to go back up a bit next week but we'll see.

sahmofthree: starting 180.4, goal 145, current 165.0 -15.4

sahmofthree: starting 180.4, goal 145, current 163.0 -17.4
Sorry you've been so sick! That's miserable.

Originally Posted by jessnic
Crap I forgot to weigh in before breakfast and now I've had a ton to drink. I will still step on the scale out of curiosity.

DS has upped his nursing again just enough to stall my weight loss out. I just keep thinking this is only temporary. He will wean someday lol.

ETA: last weigh in empty stomach was 165.8. This morning after eating and drinking I was 166.2. So no gain at least lol. But I measured hips and waist and lost 1 inch in my hips and 1/2 inch in my waist. Thank you 30 day shred lol!
That's great to lose inches!!

Originally Posted by corinne76
I wonder if nursing contributes to the reason i cant seem to lose? Alex has been super fussy lately.

Anyway, i weighed in at 143.6 this morning. A slight loss only. It sucks that its going so slow. Today we're going to a carnival so not sure what lunch will be
I have heard of lots of women not losing well until they wean. I know nursing burns calories, but it seems like your body is also holding onto fat so you can keep up the milk. I wouldn't suggest weaning, but you might have to wait it out. At least you're building good habits and can hopefully drop pounds fast after weaning.

Originally Posted by rebeccalynne15
Old : Rebeccalynne15: starting:187.2, goal:130, current: 178.8 -8.4

New: Rebeccalynne15: starting:187.2, goal:130, current: 177.8 -9.4

ehhh only a pound this week better than nothing I suppose !
That's a good solid loss!!

Originally Posted by Numommy
Numommy, New 144
Old 144.6
Goal 145
New Goal, 135> Ha! Just for giggles!
Great new goal!

Originally Posted by addiecakes
This exactly also!! More fussy than usual the past 2 days, wants to be held constantly and everything is wrong.... I know if she would sleep she would be so much happier, but can't convince her of that lol getting to sleep can take hours and hours and I don't have the patience most of the time. So, she stays up until I know she will fall asleep fairly easily. This means I have 0 time to get anything done, which leads to let patience-and the cycle continues. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone
I have the hardest time running on little sleep. I did it fine in high school/college, but taking care of a demanding kid is a whole other challenge when you're already feeling crappy.

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