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Re: Play Date Issues.

OK. We're talking about a 9 or 10 yo boy here, right? Find a neutral place for the boys to get together and hang out while you sit down with the other mom for some coffee or something. If they are bookworms (my eldest is), then go to a bookstore. If they are more active, then something like an inflatables place during free play or an indoor park. Remember, you are new in town so you can ask HER for ideas. There is nothing wrong with saying, "I'd love to get together with you and the boys somewhere, but I'm new in town and am not familiar with good places. We also just moved and you know how expensive that is, so if you know of any low budget places, fill me in!" This opens the door for her to share ideas and perhaps even just say, "Come on over. I'll put on a pot of coffee and we'll let the boys play in the playroom/play Kinnect Sports/build a Lego city."

It will be good for you and it's ok fr you to take a break. You might even make a friend!
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