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Question about pumping frequency :)

I wasn't sure where to post or Pumping Support...

My 2 week old DD was having issues latching and nursing (possible posterior tongue tie and reflux). I've been working with her and she is starting to nurse every 3 - 4 hours for about 30 - 45 minutes. I had been pumping every 2 hours and giving her that.

Here's my question: now that she's nursing more frequently should I still be pumping every 2 hours or just after she nurses? I don't want my supply to go down....I actually need to increase it some. But, when I pump every 2 hours she doesn't seem like she's getting enough at the breast and gets very fussy and I end up giving her expressed milk. She's much happier when I wait for her to nurse then pump.

What would you do/recommend? Continue to pump every 2 hours, wait for my supply to increase and just know she's going to be fussy and probably need some expressed milk after she nurses. Or wait and pump every 3-4 hours after she nurses?

I'm giving my lactation consultant a call but any help from you experienced mommas would be greatly appreciated! - TIA!
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