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Re: Am I missing something? MODS PLS

Originally Posted by dandasmommy View Post
I went to register/apply for the FSOT group and realized I was already in That's great. The last I had seen (before the weekend) was that everyone would have to apply even those grandfathered in so it was a pleasant surprise!
Originally Posted by jcyjuice View Post
I must be missing something. I was under the impression that EVERYONE had to fill out the form, regardless of whether or not they were being grandfathered in. I thought the only difference was that if you were new/under 20 fb, they would call/send a postcard to verify your identity. if you were "grandfathered in"... then they would just automatically add you to the group, without confirmation via your personal info.

I joined the group today by filling out the form with my personal info.. so does that mean I submitted all of that for nothing?!
Originally Posted by kikki View Post
I've been trying to see if I need to apply all day & I can't find the application. I must be grandfathered in as well. Says I'm a registered. I thought ALL people would have to apply.

Does this mean I'm clear to sell?
Ladies, the tech team realized we had over 7,000 members who would be "grandfathered in" (not all active but still you can imagine the work for the few women who are handling the forms...)

As of this morning, the way it is appearing to me is that the system randomly picked some to add automatically and others to go through application process.

I believe you are clear to sell if you can go to FSOT and post a thread there

We literally did not realize until close to the last minute that things were going to have to change slightly from the plan we had on "grandfathering"
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