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i made my first fitted diaper and have a few questions

My niece has a baby alive doll and buying desposible diapers just so she could basiclly pour water in it and then throw it away wasnt only wastefull but expensive too, so her mom stopped buying them and i decided to try and make a fitted cloth diaper. It turned out really well (at least i think) but i have a few questions,

first what is a cheap diaper cover thats small enough for a doll?

Second, i used regular cotton fabric for the inside, made a soaker pad out of flannel that is eight layers thick and sewed that to the inside piece and the outside is made out of flannel also, would this work for a real baby? Just curious.

And for my last question (for now) the diaper is about the right size for a newborn and it barely holds three tablespoons of water, is this normal for that size of diaper or do i need to put more layers of flannel in the middle of the next diaper i make?

And kinda off topic here but since im new i was wondering if there are any "unspoken rules" i guess you could call them that i should know about, i.e. some forums perfer you to look up old threads when your curious about something while others get steaming mad when you "resurrect" an old thread.
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