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Re: i made my first fitted diaper and have a few questions

I'm thinking the rumparooz doll diaper is an AIO (all in one = cover and diaper in one) diaper. Bummis newborn diaper cover would probably work for a doll diaper cover, but since you sew, you might look at PUL fabric at Jo-Ann's, or diaper fabric stores online. You can buy a diaper cut for $3 online. If you have a coupon you could get some pretty cheap at Jo-Ann's. You could probably get at least 2 covers out of a diaper cut for a doll.

For the fitted diaper you are making you could add another layer in the body to make it stronger and more absorbent, but with a cover the liquid will disperse throughout the fabric and will hold more. I would try out making an AIO using pul as the outer so it is easier for your niece to put on and take off.

If you are interested in making diapers for a real baby, go with a diaper fabric store PUL. Jo-Ann's is hit or miss with quality, and often delaminate in anything over warm water. This wouldn't matter with a doll diaper, which could be hung dry between uses, or washed on warm or cold, unlike real diapers.
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