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Originally Posted by my2sweets
So this may be an odd question(it is to me anyhow lol) but is there anything I can do to increase my odds of having milk this time around before baby gets here? Baby will be here on the 14th-unless he decides otherwise of course lol-and I desperately want to bf this time around! With dd1 I ep and had a ton! of milk. No supply issue at all until I develop mastitis at 4.5mos pp and I completely dried up. My milk never fully came in for dd2-just enough to soak my shirt and that was it. I tried reglan, mothers milk tea, protein shakes, eating and drinking a crap load, pumping and nothing worked.

So is there anything I can do besides hope that the third time really is a charm?
I wonder if you had retained placenta. I had a small piece with DS and my milk supply was an issue because of the hormones. Did you bleed a lot pp? I'm not a doctor or anything but that's what happened to me. Once I had the placenta removed my milk came in but at that point DS was already on almost all formula and I was working two jobs that wouldn't let me pump so I just gave up. This time around though the doctor made sure all the placenta was gone( sure enough the was a piece embedded again) and I have a ton of milk. My little one isn't gaining well right now but I think it's because she's sleeping through the night so it has nothing to do with my supply. Oh also I eat old fashioned oatmeal with flax seeds everyday for breakfast, drink usually 3 cups of mothers milk tea and drink probably a gallon of water a day. I also didn't go back on the pill. My Ob offered me the mini pill but I didn't want to risk my supply so were just being safe. Hope this helps. Before my LO arrived I was freaking out and asking everyone on here what to do so I had milk this time around. I actually even met a Wic lactation peer counselor before I had the baby just to go over my fears and it was really helpful. Good luck!!!
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