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Re: Anything I can do to increase my chances before baby comes?

Originally Posted by my2sweets View Post
I did not try fenugreek. I will keep that in mind.

Dd2 did not have tongue tie or anything. My lc-and the one in the hospital- was impressed with her latch. She also tested my pump and said it was working prefectly. I pumped after every 'feeding' and never could produce more then half an oz-even with the hospital grade pump the lc had. As for retained placenta I have no idea but prehaps I should ask my ob(different one then last time) on what she thinks at my next appt(I did bleed for 10wks and have recently learned a retained placenta could have been the cause).

I have been looking for another lc-one thats closer since we've moved. Whats an IBCLC?

Ahh, a 10 week PP bleed may well have been retained placenta, and that is bad for milk production (among other things).

An IBCLC is an international board certified lactation consultant. They have to pass a rigorous certification process and their advice can be more trustworthy than that of other LCs, whose training can vary widely.
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