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Heres my Updates and Revised List

I need to. . .

Car Seat
Done. Got a Graco Snugride 30

Stretchy Wrap Bought a Grey Sleepy Wrap

Mai Tie or SSC
Bought a beautiful O&A!!

Swaddle Blankets - I really want soms A&A trying to.decide if its worth the moneh



3 More Newborn Sleepers

2 More NB Outfits

3 More 0-3mo Sleepers


Diaper Bag Got a JuJuBe BeHave, Ive wanted one forever! This print/color combo

Boppy Cover

Find and Wash Nursing Covers

Wash all her clothes and headbands

Wash all blankets, swaddlers and burp cloths

Wash my baby carriers

Misc. Closer To The Day (By begining of April):

Get all my travel size things together (containers for soap, toothbrush, ect) * Need to so this ASAP as I wish I had it prepared for my current stay for my kidney infection.

Pack hospital bag

Make sure all babysitting is lined up for any given day of the week

Pack a bag for my other kids

Buy and pack disposable diapers and Pul-Ups for my other kids while I'm in the hospital

Make sure DH has cash for food and snacks for in my room ready, plus his bag ready to go.

Got lots done! Not too much left
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