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Re: Pre Baby preparation list

Things I Did:
baby dresser/storage assembled
carseat (britax marathon)
carseat nb insert
baby gym
size 1 dipes
cloth wipes
diaper bag
misc. hooded towels, thermometer, snotsucker doodad, swaddling blankets (A&A For the Birds Print- super cute! not sure if it was worth the money, but they are really cute)
nipple cream
cocnut oil
breastmilk storage containers
changing pad

Things I Need to Do:
decide homebirth or birth center by 34 weeks
if homebirth, get supplies together - work in progress!
decide on a stroller (ins. program will reimburse $300 for jogging stroller!)
contact ins. about breast pump
install carseat (not until start of may)
refurbish rocking chair & bring out of basement
order PP corset
buy a wetbag
get a pouch sling
find DS's ergo carrier, wash it
diaper prep
baby laundry
install diaper sprayer in basement sink
start cooking and freezer stocking
none on the boards, but feedback on LJ here:

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