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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Pumping isn't the best gauge of how milk you are producing. As someone else mentioned, babies are much more efficient at removing milk from the breast than any pump. I've read that you can weigh the baby on a baby scale before and after a feeding to determine how much milk the baby is ingesting at a feeding (though that's inconvenient if you don't have a baby scale). If your baby is happy, gaining weight and is satisfied after a feeding, I wouldn't worry about it. DEFINITELY don't give her formula just based on the pumping results. If you do, she'll nurse less, and if she nurses less, you'll produce less milk and it creates a vicious cycle that can seriously hamper your breastfeeding relationship.

Many women produce more milk than their baby needs for the first couple of months because of hormone production (the same hormones that cause engorgement when your milk first comes in). Once the hormones begin to subside, milk production becomes supply-driven instead--you produce just the right amount for your baby's needs. has a lengthy FAQ on breastfeeding. You might want to check it out...I've found it very helpful. Good luck, and enjoy your baby
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