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Arrow Re: Detergents - okay, what after Allen's and Charlies? Who uses reg. detergents?

[QUOTE=Cristina]I just use reg detergent. I rotate (I mean use one whole box than buy a diff brand) Tide,

Also, beware of Dreft it has fabric softners that can reduce your diapers absorbancy. As far as an experienced mom opinion Mom CD'd me and my sister and is still trying to talk me into a wet pail of Biz water to soak them in all the time and just using Gerber pull on pants! Everyone has there own opinion.

I did a lot of "researching" and have concluded to stay away from bleaches and fabric softners as much as possible, use minimal deterget, 2 rinses, and change detergents often to help prevent buiild up. Everyone has there own system, though.
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