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Food stamp update

I finally received a letter in the mail yesterday that said general info about your eligibility etc.

Then it says Notice of Denial for FS for April, May, June 2011.
Reason for Denial:
You did not give us the information we requested.
Manual reference: TANF SE1110, FS SE 3105, MAO CH2050
(No idea what that means above because I only applied for FS, not TANF or whatever MAO is?)
If you disagree with our decision, please see the last page of this form for information on your right to request a fair hearing.

The information listed below helped us make our decision:
Your living arrangement is AT HOME.
You requested FS for 3 person(s).
Your CHILD SUPPORT PAID DIRECTLY TO CL (children??) is 833.32 (this number is wrong, I receive 800 a month exactly and I said so on the online application and no idea where he came up with this number.)

If you disagree with or do not understand this decision, call your caseworker (already have never received a call back by 48 hrs). If you decide to file for a fair hearing, the back of the last page of this notice tells how to file an appeal.

So.....I guess I'll file for a hearing, but I don't understand why I can't just get someone to call me back and explain why my child support letter never was received by fax. And I don't understand why based off the three criteria listed above, they are saying they came up with their decision to not give it to me, besides not receiving the fax? 800 for a family of 3 is not enough to survive off of, much less buy groceries with.
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