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HELP! I have Mastitis & not pumping any milk!

I've been EPing for the last 13.5 months. On Tuesday I got really sick all of a sudden and went to the doctor on Wednesday and was diagnosed with mastitis. I was given a shot of antibiotics and a 7day prescription also. I was too sick to eat or drink much on Tuesday or Wednesday but since then I've been really trying to keep myself hydrated.

Ever since this happened I have started pumping hardly any milk. Tuesday/Wed I'd say I only pumped about 12oz for the whole day (the babies eat almost 60). Then yesterday I pumped about 15oz in the first three pump sessions, but when I pumped right before bed (for 30 minutes nonetheless) I didn't even pump 1/2 an oz. I'm pumping again now and it looks like I'm not going to get an oz this time either.

What can I do to fix this? I ordered some fenugreek to help increase supply after I'm off the antibiotics, but I was thinking I shouldn't take it until I'm finished with this (and the clog is cleared).

Any advice for me? I don't want this to cause me to abruptly end my 'BF'ing.
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