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Originally Posted by BirthdayMama
I've used Bummis and Kushies and wasn't a huge fan of either. The Bummis are really thin, so they don't keep bad rash creams off your dipes (my reason for the liners), and they bunched up so easily they didn't do much for ease of poo dumpage either. The Kushies were just awful. Thick, stiff, and rough. Luckily someone gave those to us, so I didn't actually spend any money on them.
I have the bunching problem with Bummis also. I found that if my son poops, the liner causes the poo to stick to him in a way that doesn't happen with microfleece. Then I'm trying to pull this flimsy poo-covered layer off and hoping the poo goes with it. Maybe that's all flushable liners, I don't know.
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